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Recently, Mizuno released the lightweight speed shoes that are unrivaled on the market. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 features the most advanced technology that makes it extremely durable and comfortable running shoes on the market. The designers who created Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 were inspired by the characteristics of a wave. Many people praise these shoes for the maximum comfort and stability.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Review: Features

This brand competes with some of the most popular brands such as Saucony Guide, ASICS GT-2000, and Brooks Ravenna. Here the features that makes Mizuno Wave Inspire 13.

Weight: it weighs only 11 ounces that make it about half an ounce heavier than the predecessors.

Color scheme: it has the most advanced color scheme as compared to its predecessors.

Mesh: it has a mesh at the front, which makes it provide total protection to your toes against elements.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 review: Sole Unit

The sole is almost the same to that of the Inspire 12. It has a blown rubber on the forefoot which provides luxurious cushioning.

Moreover, the Midsole feature the U4icx technology. The midsole is extremely light and allows the runner to launch off.

On each side of the heel, there is Mizuno signature wave. This signature is inspired from how the wave handles energy. The wave concentrate energy then spread it into a wider area.

The blown rubber on the forefoot provides the most comfortable ride. However, the heavy duty sole may take longer to provide the lightweight ride claimed by Mizuno. Also, some runners are not quite satisfied with running for several miles with these shoes. It may not provide the maximum comfort throughout your running session. Fortunately, the soles are built to last as compared to other brands on the market.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Review: Upper section

The top section of Mizuno is made from Redo AIRmesh, which is a signature mesh for all Mizuno brands. Also, there are two small sections of the mesh on toe box that improves the breathability and appearance of the shoe.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 has more room compared to its predecessors that make it ideal for people with wider feet. The older versions were narrower and could not provide ultimate comfort to all users.

Moreover, Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 has one of the sturdiest heels as compared to other brands on the market. This gives you total safety even when running through harsh terrains. The Mizuno’s adaptive Dynamotion fit system. Also, the lacings of these shoes are very comfortable.


• Excellent cushioning that provides maximum comfort to the runner

• Lightweight

• Adaptive ride that offers smooth ride


• Upper material looks cosmetically outdated

• Takes longer to break in

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Review: Customer reviews

Most customers praise Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 as the most comfortable running shoes they had ever seen. In the past, most of them have to carry on with blisters caused the other models that were too narrow. However, they are happier with the toe space offered by Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 running shoes. Also, the adaptive ride and super cushioning have attracted a lot of the attention of the users.

One customer says that he opted into Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 because of the much pain he got from other models. He claims that Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 adapts to every foot strike thus offering a smooth ride. Although he is not satisfied with the cosmetic appearance of the shoe, the comfortable ride really matters to him.

Overall, most the users are satisfied with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 running shoes. In fact, there are many positive Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 reviews. Those who have used these shoes recommend other people to try the product.


The Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is one the most advanced lightweight speed shoes on the market. It is light in weight and provides ultimate stability. The shoe is made of a highly durable material that makes it last longer than most of the competitors. Also, it features a mesh that improves the breathability of the shoe. However, the shoe may take longer to break in. Also, the Cosmetic appearance of the show may not be appealing to all people. Despite these issues, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 has garnered many positive reviews from the customers. In fact, these shoes will provide you with the value for your money and will never let you down.

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