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Fastest Running Shoes

If you are going to comfortably run and keep fit, then having the best shoes is important. You don’t want your feet to be hurting on the road. Everyone understands the need to train and keep fit at all times for health reasons. However, very few people take the running shoes selection process seriously. This is why many develop Achilles and knee injuries. Fitness experts describe perfect running shoes to be ones which not only provide the much-needed glide, but those that offer support to the feet. You won’t get top quality brands on the street as is with fake products. However, this article highlights the top 10 fastest running shoes that will make training and competing even easier.

Nike Free 5.0

To start our list at number ten is this excellent Nike product. The giant company does not need any introduction in this industry. However, this Nike Free 5.0 product deserves ultimate recognition. This shoe looks great, but that’s not all about it. It is also light and adorably flexible thus perfect for anyone who wants improve speed. More amazing is how seamlessly it fits. It has a midfoot saddle that provides that perfect fit you have been looking. Weighing just 7.6oz, there is no chance that this shoe will limit your steps on the track. Nike incorporated a perfect Phylon and a fitting midsole for anti-shock. It’s a must have for any runner out there.

Saucony ride

There is a chance that every runner has used a Saucony shoe for their popularity and perfect cushion. They have been described by road runners as the perfect fit for rough track and comfort. However, the 8th Saucony Ride version takes you to another level that sees one increase speed to exciting limits. With its Seamless FlexiFilm being on the upper part, it enables you to comfortably increase pounding. The Ride is designed with a drop of 8mm at the heel-to-toe offering comfortable landings like never before. Many have estimated it to serve for about 500 miles on the road. A perfect fit for any marathoner out there.

New Balance 1080

This a neutral runners favorite for not only the aesthetic features, but also an exciting feel on the road. It latest version is V6 and provides the much sought for lightweight aspects with fresh foam making it comfortable on rough tracks. There is a unique light mesh on the upper side on latest versions of the New Balance 1080 providing flexibility and ease of movement. It surely doesn’t weigh you down when trying to hit set targets. Be sure to check in for latest version in authorized stores worldwide.

Asics Gel Nimbus

When we talk about soft landing, then the Asics Gel Nimbus is a name that pops up more often. Training experts have for some time insisted on the importance of having shoes that can help lengthen strides for better performance. These shoes come with a comfortable padding like never before. You will love its soft analogy which has seen it rank top several times on lists of comfortable running shoes. Though a bit heavy at 11.4oz, it won’t drag you down much on the road.

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

Well, it no surprise that another Saucony product is featuring on this list. However, the Hurricane uniquely brings tighter the company’s technologies to offer that comfortable stride like none of its top running shoes. It is well-padded and flexible enough to tightly fit like a sock. The manufacturer has discovered a unique way to offer more toe space at the front to avoid hurting them when on rough tracks. Additionally, the shoe has a firmer inner material to prevent rolling every now and then thus perfect for marathoners and any other athlete. You can be sure that its weight of 10.9oz won’t be a hindrance to your speed targets.

Nike Pegasus

Another giant brand finds its product on this list, but with a more amazing design. The Nike Pegasus is not only the most popular and successfully marketed version, but also one that has been around for a while. Currently in its 32nd version, this shoes has perfect cushioning that has seen it dominate races for years now. It features a unique upper made from the manufacturer’s dynamic flywire making it hyper responsive or most professional athletes. Weighing just 10 oz, this shoe will definitely help improve stride length and generally speed.

Brooks Ghost

If you are in for a simple looking shoe type that can be largely relied on, then the Brooks Ghost is perhaps a perfect fit. It has for some time now been a bestseller in most sport stores countrywide. You will like its intense padding and cushioning both on the heel and inner side. Its 10mm heel to toe drop is perhaps a clear indication of how comfortable it will be landing powerful strides. Any trainer will advise you to opt for this wonderful track friend.

Brooks Glycerin

Another Brooks product which is not only colorful, but also very soft. The manufacturer has incorporated a Super DNA midsole that massages all your feet’s contours like never before. Another unique selling point of this shoe is its rounded heel that provides that soft landing with every stride drop. The comfort and flexibility that comes with Brooks Glycerin are worth ignoring its weight which is at 11.5 oz.

Saucony  Kinvara 

If you haven’t notice, Saucony is now offering a third product on this list and they are validly worth it. The Kinvara is the least expensive of its products on this list, but will amaze you with how it beats the rest on comfort and speed. It is made using Saucony’s powergrid technology ensuring pressure to evenly distributed on the underfoot. It is mostly used in competition as it make search stride seem lighter and lighter. However, you can still use it for training on the road each time. At just 7.8oz, you be sure to have a better chance of winning that coming race.

Energy Boost by Adidas

At number one on this list is definitely a product from Adidas. Perhaps this is why it doesn’t come cheap. It offers you a bouncy, smooth and incredibly cushioned strides that you may never get with any other running shoes. A stretch and flexible material is used to make its upper while a signature Boost technology is utilized for its midsole. It just weighs 10oz, but will be worth every dollar spent.

Finally, we have just compiled a top 10 list of running shoes that will make your training and competition even easier. You should take your time and try them out to find out which one suits best. Be sure to directly order online and see how each turns out to be. Good luck!