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Speed sports shoes

When it comes to running, all you will need speed sports shoes. However, all running shoes are not the same. Whether you are running for short or long distances, you will find the perfect shoes that match your needs. In fact, some racing shoes can handle longer distances such as the marathon.

Most racing shoes are extremely light in weight. In this case, lightweight running shoes may not withstand much pressure as compared to heavy duty shoes. However, the lighter the weight, the faster you can get with your shoes. Moreover, lightweight trainers are perfect for track-running and high-intensity workouts. Let’s take a look on the top 10 fastest racing flats that will provide you with top speeds to finish the race in the record time.

#1. Skechers Go Speed Runner

This is one of the most comfortable and lightweight running shoes available on the market. Skecher Go Speed Runner has become the signature shoes for a long distance runner, Meb Keflezighi. In fact, keflezighi won the 2014 Boston Marathon with these shoes. The shoe features the most advanced technology that places the strike zone in your midfoot rather than the heel. In this case, Skechers Go Speed Runner mimics your natural gait. Moreover, these shoes provide a strong grip and maximum stability. Also, the shoes include the Goimpulse sensors that provide better traction.

#2. New Balance XC900v2 Spikeless

This is lightweight racing shoes that are perfect for cross-country runners. The shoes provide excellent traction that maintains ultimate stability while running over rocks and dirt. Also, New Balance XC900v2 Spikeless has excellent cushioning that provides the runner with maximum comfort. When it comes to breathability, these running shoes are excellent. The shoes have air mesh, which allows your shoes to maintain maximum air freshness inside. Also, this is one of the most affordable yet sturdy running shoes you could ever find on the market.

#3. Newton Distance Elite

If you are planning to run over distances more than 5 km, Newton Elite Distance is your perfect option. These lightweight shoes provide you with ultimate comfort that is hard to get in the competitors’ brands. Newton Distance Elite boasts of a wide toe box, which accommodates all types of feet; both narrow and wide. The shoe has supportive midfoot that allows you to run for long distances without feeling strained. Newton Distance Elite is well ventilated to allow easy breathing each distance you cover. If you are looking for the most durable running shoes, go for Newton Distance Elite.

#4. Saucony Type A6

If you want the fast ride, you should consider Saucony Type A6. The shoe is excellent for racing-racing since it has maximum cushioning. Saucony Type A6 provides fast responsiveness. This shoe features a new technology that makes one of the lightweight shoes on the market. The FlexFilm placement feature helps maintain support while reducing weight on the upper section of the shoe. Moreover, highly breathable mesh keeps your feet fresh for miles. The water drainage ports offered the Saucony Type A6 effectively get rid of water out of the shoe.

#5. Pearl Izumi E: Motion Tri N1 V2

Weighing only less than 10 ounces, this is one of the most affordable running shoes on the market. If you want to achieve maximum speed for short distances, then you should choose Pearl Izumi E: Motion Tri N1 V2. This is a sturdy shoe that provides top performance and maximum comfort. In fact, you can handle a marathon with Pearl Izumi E: Motion Tri N1 V2. Moreover, this shoe is extremely durable and can last for several years before requiring replacement.

#6. Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2.0

Crossing marathon line is easier with Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2.0 running shoes. It is the most responsive shoe that provides a fast ride. Also, it has springy cushioning that offer you with a comfortable feel. The feather-light design combined with Coolever mesh pads makes Adios Boost 2.0 the most reliable shoes on the market. The QUICKSTRIKE outsole reduces the weight while increasing durability and flexibility. Moreover, the shoe provides optimal grip for top performance during wet conditions.

#7. Mizuno Wave Ekiden 9

This is one the lightest running shoes that weighs only 4.6 ounces. Mizuno Wave Ekiden 9 is perfect for shorter distance races. The shoe has flexible outer material that offers perfect grip throughout the race. Mizuno Wave Ekiden 9 is extremely comfortable with quick leg turnover. The shoe features a technology that allows you to negotiate sharp corners at top speed while maintaining maximum stability. Mizuno Wave Ekiden 9 is very durable hence providing value for your money.

#8. Brooks Launch 2

Speed sports shoes 2

This is a perfect racing shoe suited for short distance such as half-marathon. Brooks Launch 2 provide cushiony and comfortable feel. Also, Launch 2 has a wide toe box that accommodates all types of feet. In this case, you will no longer deal with toe blisters caused by narrow shoes. Perhaps, the most interesting thing about Brooks Launch 2 is its cost. You can get these top-notch shoes at affordable pricing.

#9. Asics Gel-Hyper Speed 6

This is the most flexible and comfortable racing flats you could ever find on the market. Asics Gel-Hyper Speed 6 suited for long distances; more than 5 km. Also, it has fast responsiveness that allows you to make quick strides. The solid cushioning makes the shoe absorb shocks even when running or a rough surface. Moreover, the upper section is designed to provide fine grip while not hurting your foot. Asics Gel-Hyper Speed 6 is a more affordable option that provides top performance as compared to other expensive racing shoes on the market.

#10. Altra One2

This is perfect all-around racing shoes that can handle long distances up to a marathon. Moreover, the shoe has no difference of the height between the heel and the forefoot. Altra One2 boasts of excellent cushioning that provides a springy ride. Also, the shoe boasts of wide toe box that further enhances the comfort. The shoe provides a natural ride though it is not effective for top-speed running.


Choosing the best racing flat will determine if you are going to become the first person to cross the finish line. The above top 10 racing flats will help you choose the best speed sports shoes that will provide you with amazing results.